May 28, 2023

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Drag Day

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Wasn’t that exciting?

The annual festival that is the NFL draft started on Thursday evening with Kyler Murray being drafted number 1 overall by Arizona. The festival ended on Saturday evening, with the selection of Caleb Wilson with the 40th pick of the 7th round; incidentally by Arizona.

During this 3 day event, the Buccaneers selected 8 players, 6 on defense, a kicker and a WR. But this is my problem.

7 rounds took 3 days!

Unbelievable. The draft has become nothing more than a cynical cash grab. At which point does the league think about the fans, the logistics involved over 3 days and in fact the mental strain on the young men waiting to be selected?

One could argue that the first 3 rounds are the main rounds, where the majority of the starters are taken.

Those that don’t quite work out can become quality depth. Rounds 4-7 typically see players who will compete to get onto an NFL roster. So why do we have to accept that these main rounds take place over 2 days?

In my opinion, it would make far more sense to hold the draft over a Saturday and Sunday.

Rounds 1-3 in prime time on Saturday and finish up on Sunday with 4-7. It’s been proven that this would work time-wise so that argument is nonexistent.

Starting what is a massive event for teams and fans on a Thursday night seems counterintuitive.

Why not dedicate a whole weekend

where fans can come together and enjoy the main event of the NFL offseason?