December 6, 2023

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Season of Hope

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The draft is just over a week away, and I am glad that is almost here. I do think the draft should happen earlier because it just feels like things are drawn out too long. I am not sure what everyone else says, but the mock draft or draft previews are too much and just an annoyance at this point

Ok now on with the real show.

When you are living the Bucs Life, the draft is that beacon of hope every season that maybe we can get some good or great players as we have in the past. We get so excited for the picks and we have tons of questions like where does he fit in or how many wins does this player give us? And some get so excited that they believe that the next big named player pulled off the board by Tampa, will be the rookie of the year.

I would like to say out loud, “hold on!” Although during the draft, for us Bucs Fans, there is always something to cheer about. It makes us think about what could be coming in the fall, but we also begin thinking, because we are living the Bucs life, “please make it through training camp and preseason football without an injury.”

The draft also is a time of gathering. We get together with our fall family and revel in the moment. These draft parties are like a Bucs Life Family Reunion because sometimes we do not have the see this group of people until it’s football season again. It’s the time we get to talk football with our Bucs Life Family and plan road trips for games throughout the season.

No matter where your draft party is being held, whether in Tampa somewhere, Raymond James Stadium, Vegas, New Mexico, California or wherever just enjoy the draft season because this time of year is when we find hope for a great season. So to everyone, enjoy the draft season and keep living that Bucs Life.