June 7, 2023

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A Defense For The Ages?

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Maybe it’s about time to throw a few rays of sunshine your way about the Buccaneers defense. The big news with it? It’ll be totally different. It can both be good and bad, but when you look at how bad it’s been, really, since the Super Bowl-winning squad, it’s really only upside at that point. After all, what could possibly be worse, right?

The title says, “For the ages,” and there’s a reason for that: The versatility that’s going to roll out from Bowles and Arians defensive playbook – the new 3-4 “1-gap” scheme – is going to be what puts opposing offenses on their heels. We even covered in an earlier article that there will be packages that feature 4 safeties. With a multi-package ever changing and versatile playstyle defense? It could almost be guaranteed to keep your attention until the very end. While I would never tell you that it will replicate the result and thump of the Bucs winning-era-Hall of Fame-defense, it will at least be fun to watch.

The defense will definitely be one to watch this coming year. Stay tuned Bucs fans!