June 7, 2023

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Are The Bucs Prepared If Winston Goes Down?

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Bruce Arians has made it clear that Jameis Winston is his QB. You can probably even call him a franchise QB. But what if he were to go down with injury; would the Bucs still have a chance if Winston went down?

During this off-season, the Bucs signed Blaine Gabbert and re-signed Ryan Griffin to be Winston’s backups. Gabbert has never been successful anywhere he’s been and is a complete bust of a draft pick. Last season starting 3 games Gabbert had a 60.4 completion percentage, throwing for 626 yards, 4TDs, and 4 Ints with a not so great rating of 65.5.

Ryan Griffin, on the other hand, has never started an NFL game, but has been with the Bucs since 2015. Although he has a high football IQ and a decent arm, it’s never truly been tested. Griffin has played well in several preseason games and showed some promise.

All in all, if Winston were to go down, we wouldn’t be completely screwed, but we would definitely have to try to ride our defense into the playoffs, and either Gabbert or Griffin had better be one hell of a game manager.