March 23, 2023

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Three Headed Monster: Arians, Goodwin, Leftwich

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When the Buccaneers brought in Bruce Arians everyone was under the assumption that he would be bringing the high-flying aerial attack with him. The news broke that Bruce Arians would not be calling plays for the Buccaneers in 2019. Those duties will be turned over to former quarterback Byron Leftwich. This left many fans shocked and wondering why Arians would make a decision like this for the young Buc.

The thing about Bruce Arians is that a decision this impactful to an organization doesn’t just come out of nowhere. He has been mentoring Leftwich for numerous years for this moment. Leftwich was the quarterbacks’ coach in Arizona under Steve Wilkes. During the season, Wilkes decided to fire their offensive coordinator and give the reins to Byron Leftwich. There was a bit of a learning curve that needed to be addressed, but for the most part, Arians gave Leftwich the nod of approval with his work in Arizona. What most people don’t realize is Arians before leaving, would let Leftwich call offensive plays in practice, so like I said this didn’t come from nowhere.

Arians, Goodwin, and Leftwich would sit down for drinks to discuss Byron’s philosophy on play calling. Why did he call that play in this situation? Did you script the plays for late-game situations or go with your gut instincts? This is how you develop a coaching staff. Coach Arians knew he was coming back to football and the head coach decided that more coaches would help the Buccaneers in the long run. This probably helps Bruce Arians health, as well. Please let’s not kid ourselves; Arians is going to have input on the offense if it’s not up to par. Remember In Bruce We Trust!