December 7, 2023

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Back To The Future!

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Some Bucs fans were skeptical when they first heard about the hiring of Bruce Arians.

Some were concerned with his age and his health.

I wasn’t.

He is very intelligent and thinks in the FUTURE!

Along with all of the new ways of coaching, he isn’t putting on a heavy workload for himself!

He has said that he would be grooming current coaching staff for his replacement, this is seen to be true in his latest idea!

He will be going, “room to room” teaching and allowing the coaches to call plays, and he will do the personnel stuff.

Make no mistake about it, he’s the Head Coach, but part of his thinking is to groom now for the Future!

The more writing assignments I receive on Bruce, the more I realize that the owners made a great decision hiring him!

Go Bucs!