December 6, 2023

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A Surprising Turn of Events?

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Skimming through some articles today I came across one written by Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report that had me thoroughly intrigued.

Reynolds draft scenario is very interesting, to say the least, and would be an absolute surprise move made by the Buccaneers. One that I do not think they have ever done in the history of the franchise. Trade up in the draft from a #10 spot or better.

The Buccaneers have the #5 this year and many think we stay and grab White, Bush, or any of the many talented players that would be there, and others believe that we trade the #5 pick with someone who needs a quarterback and move back in the draft.

Reynolds believes the Bucs could target Quinnen Williams. There is also an idea that Quinnen Williams may not make it all the way to Tampa at #5. He Believes that Buccaneers could work out a trade with the 49ers for Gerald McCoy, #5 pick, and recive the 9ers #2 overall spot.

Here is what Scott Reynolds had to say:

“Let’s look at why the 49ers might consider moving down a few spots and taking on McCoy and his $13 million salary to aid and abet the Bucs selecting Williams at No. 2.”

“The 49ers want to get faster on the edge, which is why they signed Ford to play opposite former first-round pick, Arik Armstead, a big 6-foot-7, 292-pound defensive end, who had his fifth-year option picked up by the team but was not signed to a long-term extension. Drafting a faster, better, pass rusher like Bosa or Allen to replace Armstead, who had just three sacks last year, in 2020 and beyond makes more sense than drafting another defensive tackle in Williams given that they already have a young pass-rushing tackle in Buckner, who is on the rise.”

“So it makes sense for Lynch and the 49ers to move down three spots and get an edge guy like Bosa or Allen at No. 5, considering that the Jets will likely trade down from No. 3 with a quarterback-hungry team like the New York Giants, Denver or Washington.”

I do like this idea and think that Reynolds is really on to something. But again, I really want Tampa to target Josh Allen.

I am not taking this idea of us targeting Williams with a grain of salt. However, the Bucs trading up and using McCoy, plus #5, I just don’t see happening. It very well could happen. But Licht is the type of GM that likes to make trades back and still get his man.

It would definitely be a surprising turn of events if Licht were to trade McCoy and the #5 and move up in the draft to grab Williams.