December 4, 2023

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Call Kaep Up For A Backup!

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Opinion Editorial:

Yeah, I said it!

This move makes so much sense for all parties involved. I absolutely understand the argument about the media circus, I’ve heard fans say he isn’t good and that he hasn’t played for 2 years now.

Currently, the Buccaneers have Jameis Winston, the incumbent starter and franchise QB and Ryan Griffin signed, who will provide the backup role. Ryan Griffin hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL proper. When the season was done, Griffin still didn’t get into a game. How can he be trusted?

Colin Kaepernick has played as a starter and taken a team to the Super Bowl. Many people forget he performed on poor and underperforming teams. But this is where I differ from many talking heads, who would like to see Kaep back in the NFL.

Kaepernick comes with a media circus after his now infamous protest. A team without a certain starter would be doomed to failure by letting the veteran QB compete for a starting role. Even if you take the Bucs out of the equation, it’s still a win-win. Kaepernick can compete for a backup role and see very limited action, this would generate relevant tape and give teams something to consider. After a season or two people would be used to the idea of the former 49er being in the league and further distractions would be gone.

Colin Kaepernick has expressed a desire to return to football; however, the AAF cannot offer the salary he would agree to. This route would give Kaep the chance to once again play football. Playing in a backup role would eliminate the circus that would come with him playing once again.