June 7, 2023

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MBGA – Make the Bucs Great Again

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Well, first of all, hello to all of the Bucs Life Fans and the community. I am very excited to write for this site as I have been living the Bucs Life since 1975 when my dad introduced me to Bucs Life before the site at the old Tampa Stadium. Well, I will write some memory articles for you another time. Now we have to MBGA. !!!!

We are in the free agency period of the new league year or the middle of the offseason, and it will soon be the NFL Draft which is next month. Now is the time when teams lose commodities, much like Tampa has been losing year in and year out for over 10-seasons, and not able to make the playoffs. As I browse social media I can see every move that our team makes or another team makes and seems to set off a certain group of Bucs Fans. I want to say to those fans, “take a deep breath and say like Captain Conrad Howard in Bad Boys 2 ‘WOOSAH’.” We can’t sign everyone, and we have to re-sign the foundation of our team. That’s why some players got long-term deals, and we didn’t cut them in an attempt to go after some bigger-named, higher-priced free agents.

I always have to tell those around me that winning cures all and it’s true. I have rarely heard of a team that wins a lot having unhappy fans or a locker room that’s fractured. We have a Bucs’ Fan Base that wants to win so bad that it hurts. I get. We all live the Bucs Life, so I ask you this, “no matter what, stay united as a fan base, and never let anyone divide us! It’s ok to have a difference of opinion, but don’t let them divide us; Bucs Fans! No matter what media outlet you want to read, listen to or follow just know that we are all Bucs Fans like yourself and we all want to see the team that we die with every season, win. We want to see wins! We want an R.O.I. on the time we put in.

Now that we have the Bucs fan issue under control, we need the Bucs Organization to help us. I think getting Bruce Arians, and his staff is one of the best things to happen in Tampa in over 10-years. I also think that we do, in fact, have a franchise QB and I will argue with anyone who has seen how awful the Bucs QBs have been over that last 40-years. (Aside from Doug Williams). Jameis Winston is a Franchise QB. We all know how talented this team is, and yes, we lost some great players during this Free Agency, but we still have a very talented roster. I think that this staff has the right coaches to develop the players that we have. So Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you have what you need, so let’s see some W’s and meaningful games in December.

The one last thing to MBGA is that some way, somehow, and this is on the Owners, we need to get at least a minimum of one week per season to be allowed to wear our throwback orange jerseys. I know that the way the league is now, we can’t have the white helmets because they must use the same one all year. I don’t really understand why that’s the case as in college most teams have 4-5 different helmets. So this one is on the Glazers to find a way to change the color scheme of our helmets or a way to make the old logo look good on the new helmet because I need some throwback orange again in my life! Give me my Creamsicle uniforms, please !!

I have now laid out a small part of my plan to MBGA – Make the Bucs Great Again. So, please join me in my venture, Bucs Life, in restoring the roar at RJS!