March 21, 2023

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Todd Bowles To Be The Most Successful Defensive Coordinator We’ve Had In A While?

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a huge move this offseason with the signing of Bruce Arians, but while having a great coach is nice having good coordinators is just as important (cough, cough, Mike Smith) The Buccaneers staff reads almost like a former NFL roster with names on staff such as Byron Leftwich, Antwaan Randle El, Shelton Quarles, and Mike Caldwell just to name a few. This brings us to the big question which one of the new coordinators will have immediate success?

The stats don’t lie new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles comes in with high expectations and is expected to bring one of the NFL’s worst defenses in 2018 back to life in 2019. Bowles more attacking style will blend well with Vita Vea’s aggressive style of play. Bowles is known for perfectly marrying scheme and personnel so the recent 1-year deal signings will be critical to putting the right players in place.

Bowles defense will blitz often, disguise creative defenses, and run triple A-gap pressure, which is hard for any quarterback to read. The perfect mix of pressure and coverage will allow the defense to really affect the outcome of games and with the current signings of players listed as safety and linebacker expect a lot of creative cross positioning play calling.

The Buccaneers can only get better on the defensive side of the ball and Bowles has a front line that can really put pressure on quarterbacks and open up things for linebackers and the rest of the defense to make game-winning plays. If you’re a fantasy football player, this is a defense you’re going to want to take this year, Bowles defenses deliver, expect nostalgia this year on defense.