December 5, 2023

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Kevin Minter and Cairo Santos Return for 2019

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The Buccaneers decided to bring back veteran linebacker Kevin Minter. In addition to re-signing the veteran linebacker, the Buccaneers are bringing back Kicker Cairo Santos.

Minter played in only 5 games with Tampa and in that time recorded, 1 sack, and 10 tackles- 1 for a loss, and a QB hit. While not much to go on in his limited playing time last season and being placed on IR with a calf injury, he should provide solid depth. Minter not only can provide solid depth at the linebacker position, he also played in Bowles defense in Arizona (2013-2014).

Despite his none of his stats really standing out, he is a perfect situational linebacker and solid against the run. He will also provide extra pressure on opposing QBs when utilized in blitzing schemes. One main gripe against Minter is that he lacks athleticism, but if you can stop the run dead in its tracks and pressure opposing QBs enough to cause them to take extra steps, ultimately disrupting the plays a lack of athleticism seems to be moot in my eyes.

Kevin Minter, out of LSU, was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the second round of the 2013 NFL draft.

Cairo Santos was brought in last year to attempt to halt the Buccaneers kicking woes. Still up in the air on Santos, as his 75% FG stat isn’t exactly the kind that makes you scream, “he’s our savior!” However, hitting 9 of 12 on the season is not bad. So that stat is a little skewed. Within the money zone, 20-39 yard range, he is perfect. Anything over that range, not so good. Maybe this year will be his year.