March 21, 2023

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The Backup QB Position

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The latest salary cap issues for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are pretty clear cut they don’t have much room to make any major moves, but shoring up the backup quarterback position has to be a priority. I see a lot of cuts and trades being made by the Buccaneers during the draft and the upcoming months in order to get the players that fit Bruce Arians system. Arians will trim the fat and make moves to pick up some key defensive free agent talent.

With Fitzpatrick likely on another team next year, maybe former Arizona Cardinals Drew Stanton, who has worked with Bruce Arians could be asked to come in and compete for the backup position. He knows the system and would have a great group to throw to. The Buccaneers could also pick up a quarterback later in the draft such as West Virginia’s Will Grier who they have shown interest in. Only time will tell what the Buccaneers do. Picking up a solid backup will have to a move they don’t take lightly, or they could easily end up with a season like the Redskins or Green Bay Packers when their starting quarterbacks went down with an injury.

The Buccaneers do have backups, Ryan Griffin and Joe Callahan, but they will be fighting for a roster spot and will have to really shine in training camp and preseason to make the cut. So watching the quarterback battle will be what every Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan should be zoned in on, as we all know your team lives or dies at the quarterback position. Just ask any Redskins fan.