December 6, 2023

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Antonio Brown is Not a Fit For Tampa

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Opinion Editorial:

As much as I like the idea, there is no way on Earth that Antonio Brown to Tampa Bay would work.

Recently, a couple of sources have mentioned that on a SiriusXM Radio show, “Movin The Chains” that former NFL QB and now Radio host Jim Miller believes that Bruce Arians is capable of handling a player like Antonio Brown.

Of course, Arians wants DeSean Jackson to “come home brother” and if he doesn’t Brown could be a nice piece to add, although very expensive. Considering Jackson and Winston could not get on the same page and the fact that Mike Evans sees a majority of passes thrown his way, how could anyone think Brown would be happy in Tampa? I do understand that Arians, who recently called Brown a diva, which made Brown Twitter retaliate, is not your “run of the mill head coach” and our new offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich isn’t likely to “play the radio” with any antics from his players, but there is also the issue of Brown’s contract.

Brown is too expensive and with paying Mike Evans on his blockbuster $82.5 million contract, along with Jameis Winston coming up with a contract, along with… I’ll just stop there. Antonio Brown to Tampa Bay is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. No offense to anyone it’s just that we simply cannot afford him right now. Unless we make a ton of cuts.

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