September 25, 2023

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Bob Costas Fired By NBC

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Opinion Editorial:

When I heard that sports broadcasting legend Bob Costas had been fired, I could not believe it. Bob Costas worked for NBC for nearly forty years and in that time gave some the of most memorable broadcasts. Costas was one that always gave his personal opinion on things, and I respected him for that.

Last year he was taken off of the Super Bowl broadcast because NBC wanted him to tone it down. Costas refused and continued doing what he had always done. He went on national television saying that the sport[football] was brutal and it destroys players’ brains, and that did not go over well with NBC or the NFL. You know the old adage, “money talks and bullsh*t walks.” NBC has a $9 billion contract with the NFL, so speaking out will get you shown to the door.

Bob Costas is 66 years of age, meaning we may have likely seen the last of him on a major network. What a shame! He did a great job for so many years and considering that there are so many commentators that annoy me with Costas not being one, it is a terrible loss.

3 thoughts on “Bob Costas Fired By NBC

  1. Bring back Costas NOW.. He speaks the truth and event coverage is spot on Wake up NBC THE GENERAL PUBLIC LOVES THIS GUY…just say n.

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