December 7, 2023

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WAKE For It, WAKE For It, WAKE For It!

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Picture this: The ball is placed on the 20-yard line after the opposing kicker boots the opening kick into the end zone. The offense comes out onto the field. The quarterback gets everyone into the huddle and calls the game’s first play. Down, Set, Hand Clap & Step the ball sails back to the quarterback. He surveys the field and BOOM! DeSean Jackson catches a 50+ yard touchdown pass to open the game. Does this sound familiar? Well, in 2018 the aerial assault Tampa Bay possessed dominated games, but after Week 2 the Buccaneers were once again the laughing-stock of football.

The Buccaneers need to sign one player this off-season to solve a ton of their defensive woes, that player is the defensive end, Cameron Wake. The Miami Dolphins found Wake in 2009, and he has been a monster ever since. He has a chip on his shoulder the size of the Atlantic Ocean. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to create more pressure on the defensive line, and that’s Cameron Wake’s specialty. Cameron Wake has surpassed the five-sack mark every year he’s been in the NFL. He’s also recorded double-digit sacks in 5 seasons (’10,’12,’14,’16, ’17). The “ageless wonder” Cameron Wake has been incredibly durable, only missing double-digit games once in his career (2015). He has 350+ combined tackles, 270+ solo tackles, and 97 tackles for loss during his 10-year career. The most impressive stat is his 213 hits on opposing quarterbacks. Wake is a quarterback crusher that needs to steer his ship right into One Buc Place.

It’s no secret that the Buccaneers need help on the defensive side of the ball and with Cameron Wake paired with Jason Pierre-Paul, it would give Tampa Bay an advantage we’ve never seen before. The combination of strength and speed would give Tampa Bay a great chance of winning the NFC South. The Buccaneers need to make this happen, and if they land a big fish like Cameron Wake, the defense would morph into something special in 2019.

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