December 4, 2023

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Expected Record In Year One Under Arians

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I have stated before that in the 2018-2019 season there were six games that the Buccaneers lost by a touchdown or less. In year one under Bruce Arians, the Bucs have a real chance to turn several of those close losses into wins.

When it comes to a realistic expectation as far as a win/loss record goes, we would need to start with our own division. Most likely, Cam Newton is going to miss the entire season while recovering and rehabbing from shoulder surgery. Without Newton, I think it’s a safe bet for the Bucs to sweep Carolina, especially after splitting with them in 2018. So, there are two wins already. After getting swept by Atlanta this past year, but both times by a touchdown or less, I believe Tampa Bay will at least split with Atlanta in 2019 and maybe even sweep Atlanta. Seeing as how New Orleans made it to the NFC Championship game this year, despite splitting with the Saints this year, it would be a pretty big stretch to say that the Bucs sweep the Saints too. Look for a split here as well.

There is no such animal as a sure thing, but a few more teams on the Bucs schedule that I think Tampa has a very good chance of beating in 2019 are Detroit, Arizona, NYG, San Francisco, Tennessee, and Jacksonville. Beating these teams would give the Bucs 10 wins. A few of the tougher opponents this fall include the Rams, Seahawks, Texans, and Colts. If the Bucs play up to their potential, they could give these teams a run for their money as well, but these will most likely go in the L column.

If I were a betting man, I would bet on the Bucs to win between 8-10 games and make the playoffs. It is going to be an exciting year! Go Bucs!

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