September 25, 2023

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With The 5th Pick Of The 2019 NFL Draft The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select…

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The 2019 draft is closing in again, and the Buccaneers have the 5th pick in the first round. There’s been a lot of chatter circulating about the selection and the overall needs of the Buccaneers on both sides of the ball. A new head coach may want an entirely different scheme defensively, if we’re still are looking at a 4-3 defense over the next few years, then there will be a need for future investment, during this draft.

Our star defensive tackle, and only true 3-technique DT, Gerald McCoy could be facing retirement, release, or a restructured contract soon. While some think it’s time to move on, losing McCoy open’s a massive hole on the defensive line, especially without a suitable replacement. I think 4-3 star DT Quinnen Williams from The Alabama Crimson Tide would be the suitable replacement for McCoy in future years.

Kalyn Kahler of Sports Illustrated had this to say about him:

“He is a one-year producer for Alabama, but he has had a breakout year. He’s slippery, he can win with quickness, and power which is hard to find. A really good technician knows how to use his hands, so he’s hard to block. He’s put together a really nice season, and I think he and Raekwon Davis play off each other well. Raekwon is so disruptive with power, and this guy can be so disruptive with his quickness, and power. He is a really instinctive player. He has a really good feel of where the ball is going. As much hype as he’s getting, he might come out of the draft, but he is only 19 years old. Is he ready to be a grown man, and be an adult in the league?”

You can view the original article here:  NFL Draft 2019: Scouts’ Takes on the Loaded Defensive Line Class.

Jon Ledyard of talked about his Pro’s and Con’s:

Pros: Exceptional power and violence in his hands. Displaces blockers with power and is almost never pushed around. Controls exchanges at the line of scrimmage with terrific hand placement and torque. Terrific job processing his keys and attacking, difficult to reach in the run game. Drops anchor vs. doubles and rarely gets displaced despite his size.

Despite playing from a square stance, still shows a quick first step off the snap. Reaction timing to the snap is excellent, quickly finds his opponent’s edge and shows the power and flexibility to turn tight corners to the pocket. Quick-footed will lull blockers to sleep and then burst by them.

Cons: Not the biggest or longest defensive lineman. Can’t always maintain a preferable distance from blockers with full arm extension, which can make stacking and shedding a bit messy at times. Stance will need work, often plays from a square stance in college and will benefit from playing more staggered in the NFL.

As a pass rusher, I would like to see him eventually incorporate more counters into his arsenal. He can sometimes get hung up on his first move. So, he could benefit from some quicker transitions to counters.”

You can view the original article here:  2019 NFL DRAFT PLAYER PROFILE: QUINNEN WILLIAMS.

He’s a younger player at age 19, but this can be an advantage in the long run when it comes to training and growth. At 6’3″ 285lbs he will inevitably bulk up and get stronger as he ages, and by the time he’s 21, he could be the full-time replacement for the undoubtedly retired Gerald McCoy. Playing next to players like Vita Vea and Jason Pierre-Paul will allow him to develop chemistry for years to come. With the team in the condition, it’s in on both sides of the ball, this would be an opportune time to draft for the future of Buccaneers, and Quinnen Williams would be an amazing selection.

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