December 6, 2023

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Time For A Change! Again…

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2016 brought us Jon Hoke-secondary coach and Brett Maxie-defensive backs coach hired by Dirk Koetter, fresh off the dumpster fire that was/is Lovie Smith. Looking at the numbers from 2016-2018 these two should have been fired along with Mike Smith. 72.5 % completion from opposing Quarterback this year is just offensive, running just one coverage all year is too.

With Bruce Arians set to negotiate a deal with Tampa to be the next head coach, he still has a say on who stays and goes; These two have no chance of staying. Since they were hired in 2016, they were responsible for over 12,000 passing yards and 80 passing TD’s thrown on our defense, yet these guys lasted this long.

I get that the coaches don’t play on the field, but they are responsible for teaching the players. The Tampa secondary has been horrible under Jon and Brett’s tutelage, so I guarantee Bruce Arians is cleaning house. I’m betting he, and Todd Bowles brings in their guys to coach our young secondary. I for one, can’t wait for this to happen and I’m even willing to order a U-haul and even help move Brett and Jon myself.

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