December 7, 2023

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Tom Brady never considered going to any other team

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Tom Brady points at the camera / AP Photo/Steven Senne

There have been a lot of rumors about where quarterback Tom Brady was going to go following his leave from the New England Patriots. There had been multiple stories and even some whispers that Brady was eyeing several teams, such as the Saints, 49ers, Bears, and the Raiders, before choosing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as his destination. On Saturday, Tom Brady shot all of those notions down.

According to the GOAT, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the only team that he had ever considered, and he believes that his choice was the correct one.

Knowing that the GOAT only had eyes for Tampa certainly makes one beat their chest with pride and gives fans a sense of security that if he is considering playing for another season or two that the Buccaneers will definitely be at the top of the list; if not the only team on his mind. Bucs fans will forever be grateful for Tom Brady leading us to a second championship in 2020/ 2021 and can now remove that feeling of angst that many once held when thinking that he almost left the team for the Miami Dolphins.

Whether Brady hangs it up at the end of this season or sticks around for a little while longer, hopefully, the GOAT sticks around in some capacity, maybe even as a shareholder, and Tampa forever find his favor. Thank you, TB12, for setting the record straight — in more ways than one.


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