September 25, 2023

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Richard Sherman Takes A Shot At The Bucs?

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Richard Sherman | Matt Slocum | AP

In a recent interview with Steve Wyche, Richard Sherman seemed to take a pretty obvious shot at the Bucs. For the 2022 season, Richard Sherman is stepping away from football, at least for now, and joining the Amazon Prime Video broadcasting team.

When asked by Steve Wyche if Sherman is retiring, Sherman responded by saying, “no, I’m still leaving that door open as long as I can. I’m obviously going to keep training and staying in shape, so if somebody wants to call in late December and they need some help, I’m happy to help”.

Steve Wyche mentioned to Sherman that “injuries have really beset you over the last couple years; what is your health like, so in case there are any questions for teams that may want to have you come play, are you good to go”? Sherman responded by saying, “Yeah, I’m good to go as long as they don’t throw me in there for three straight games fresh off the street”.

It is true that the Bucs signed Sherman to a one-year contract during the 2021 season and brought him in to fill in for their injury-riddled secondary. Unfortunately, Sherman ended up getting hurt as well. It may have been too soon for Sherman to be thrown in there before he was ready.

We’ll see if Richard Sherman ends up signing with another team sometime late in the season.