December 4, 2023

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Buccaneers seeking trade for Baker Mayfield?

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I wish I could say that I actually put much faith in Bruce Arians’ faith in Kyle Trask. This go-around could be his last season in the NFL. If not this season coming, certainly 2023 would see him hang up the Kangol Hat. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Bruce Almighty taking on basically a rookie quarterback in his last season or two in the NFL. Every time that I can see the picture of it in my head, it goes blurry and fades away just beyond my fingertips. Make no mistake about it, Mr. Arians wants another Super Bowl run to go out on. Nobody knows just how well or badly Trask would play if he’s the man to start in 2022. I’ve got a pretty good idea that Arians would rather have a veteran back there running the show. So I’ve been waiting on stories such as this one to pop up about unexpected moves the team might try and pull off for a veteran quarterback. What follows is one of those stories.

Per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, the Buccaneers have looked into the possibility of acquiring the fifth-year Oklahoma product and current Cleveland Browns quarterback. Despite the news that the Browns have committed to Mayfield for 20202, other evidence has appeared which says that the Browns are looking into a trade for Deshaun Watson with the Texans. With Watson escaping criminal prosecution for his alleged sexual assaults, the twenty-foot pole has been put away, and teams including the Buccaneers and Browns are taking more interest. The Buc’s chances of landing Watson are pretty slim. The team would have to give up their best talent and first and second-round picks, much like the Russell Wilson to Denver trade required.

A trade for Baker Mayfield, if the Browns could wrap up Watson, is by a mile, a much easier move for the Bucs to pull off. There are definitely worse quarterbacks than Mayfield on the market. He has had a few moments in the League since his rookie season of 2018. His worst season actually was this past season when he threw only 17 touchdowns to 13 interceptions. He has had a bit of a problem with throwing picks at times. In 2020 Mayfield threw 26 touchdowns to 8 interceptions so he can keep them down. There’s no word if the Bucs think Mayfield coming here could work, but it’s nice to know One Buc is doing their due diligence on all possibilities to replace Tom Brady. Go Bucs!!

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