June 5, 2023

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Kyle Trask can have another season of learning and more with Brady again a Buccaneer

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Kyle Trask (2) Douglas R. Clifford | Tampa Bay Times

It never did sit well with me.

From the second I heard that “officially” Brady was retiring from the NFL and the Buccaneers, three thoughts kept popping into my head. The first thought was of when Tom Brady stated upon his arrival at One Buc in 2020 that he didn’t know how long he would play but that he would play until he couldn’t play anymore at a high level. He added that he would know when that time came. My second thought was, of course, a question. You can still play at a high level. What are you doing? The third thought was that Brady would regret not going as long as his body and mind would let him. The things that he can still accomplish, the records he can still set and own, maybe forever. So his leaving just didn’t jive with what he said when he got here. He cited family and together time when he left, and who can argue with that. He’s his own man and can choose whichever path he wants. It just didn’t sit well with me. It just left the door wide open for regret and a shoulda-woulda-coulda feeling down the road. It seems that it’s very plausible that Brady, in a short reflection of his decision, may have thought about those same exact three thoughts above that I had, as well as the following. He has been living, eating, drinking, exercising, focussing on all the things that would keep him in shape and on top of his game far beyond normal players. Then he retires with gas still in the tank. That didn’t make good sense to me, but I’m sure glad to have the G.O.A.T. back again for more standout memories.

His return squashes the quarterback issues, or does it?

Buccaneer fans were well into the middle of trying to wrap their heads around our signal-caller being Blaine Gabbert, Kyle Trask, or even Baker Mayfield. I can tell you judging from the posts on social media. That was going over like a Led Zeppelin. Now that our G.O.A.T. has announced his return, it would Behoove the team to address the things it learned in the two months that Brady was gone. For me, the most important thing was something that should have been realized the day they drafted Kyle Trask. Every opportunity that the team has to get Trask into regular-season games should be exploited. Sitting and learning from the greatest is a chance only a few lucky players have had over Brady’s career. The point is that a player can only learn so much without trying to put what was learned into action against starting-level NFL talent. That means mostly regular-season games and not a few stints in pre-season games, and then sitting for an entire year without anything but practice.

Mop up duty should be a regular thing for Trask in 2022.

The Bucs have in their recent past only gone with two active quarterbacks on game day, leaving the third option at quarterback (Trask) inactive for the entire season. So the first order of business should be to name Kyle Trask as the number two guy. That would keep him active on gamedays. That would allow the team to get Trask in the game for, if for nothing else, mop-up duty when we have a safe lead. That should pay off with big dividends in the long run, when next the team finds itself Bradyless. The Bucs should do everything in their power to let Kyle Trask get as much game time in the regular season as possible. It’s time for the Bucs to put their money where their mouth is. They say they saw something in the kid out of UF. That he was drafted to be the future of the team at the position. Since again nobody knows when that future will begin. The team should do everything possible to have Trask as close to ready as he can be whenever that future day presents itself. Go Bucs!!

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