December 6, 2023

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Tom Brady Leaves Football for Fütbol?

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Tom Brady via Yahoo! News

When Tom Brady announced that he was retiring from football, the shock was palpable. After a storied career that will no doubt end in Canton, Brady has been quoted several times as looking to explore things outside of football.

As I’m writing this, across the pond Manchester United are playing at their home field in Old Trafford, Manchester. Fans no doubt know the connection between these two sports teams. There is now another connection between the Bucs and the English soccer team, as Tom Brady is being hosted as a guest of honour.

Those who follow soccer might be aware that Manchester United are in desperate need of a quality midfield player, and probably few doubt that he would be an improvement on what is available currently. Could Brady be swapping the gridiron for “the beautiful game”?

As funny as this would be, it is unlikely.

Although, it is certainly interesting to see that Brady and the Glazer’s are keeping in close touch. While this is as likely to be as mundane as Brady enjoying a soccer match, or exploring investment opportunities, it’s hard not to notice the choice of team. Is this an example of the “light being left on”?

For those who long for Brady to return, this is something that will fan those flames.

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