June 5, 2023

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Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson via Foxnews

The 2021 NFL season ended with a bang! Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg light up the stage during halftime. Fitty hung upside down looking like CHEF from South Park, and he doesn’t even care that it’s not your birthday. Mary J Blige looked good like always, and I’m pretty sure that the other fella was Kendrick Lamar. EM kneeled in homage to Tupac while wearing the same outfit he’s had on since telling everyone that Trump is not his president. And Da Bengals did their best to give the Rams the win.

So now that all of that has passed, the Bucs are no longer reigning Super Bowl Champions; in fact, the Buccaneers are now QB shopping.

Tom Brady retires — or at least had said he has — but will remain on the team’s roster until he can file papers on June the 2nd. Brady could change his mind at any time and return to the team, or at least to the NFL.

I’ve seen a lot of RUMORS going around: From Drew Brees being on the phone with Jason Licht discussing a contract and trade with the Saints to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers seeking trades for Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers all the way to Andrew Luck returning to rejoin his pals in Tampa to even Kyler Murray removing all traces of the Cardinals from his social media so he can force a trade to Tampa.

I’ve seen Tweets and Facebook posts, fan media, and pro media all telling you only what you want to hear. “Hear, ye! Hear, ye! The Indianapolis Colts are seeking trade for Carson Wentz, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are interested!” The Buccaneers are looking at every possible scenario. I do think Wentz is a capable backup, just not the guy I want leading my team.

The Buccaneers are probably doing all of that, but it’s the dead time, so people will get to hammering out nonsense in the hopes that someone will click the link and help them earn a buck or two with their AdSense. I’m sorry, guys. No Brees, no Murray, no Wilson, but the Bucs are looking at him, certainly no Rodgers, and definitely no Luck. I’m pretty sure Rodgers is staying in Green Bay and Wilson doesn’t want to leave Seattle.

However, there is a rumor about Deshaun Watson. The Buccaneers are interested in Watson, and of course, why wouldn’t they be? He would make us instant contenders again. He is a bit pricey and does have a few off-the-field issues, like 20 or more, but the Texans want to be rid of this guy. He doesn’t want to play for the team anymore, so they are paying him a ton of money to do absolutely nothing.

The Bucs have done their diligence with Watson, and if they are certain that the NFL is not going to suspend him, then they could go all-in on Watson. Let’s be honest: We have a ton of free agents that we are not going to be able to re-sign with just Trask at the helm. Unless Brady comes back, we have to do something at the quarterback position because despite Bruce Arians and Jason Licht being comfortable with Trask, they’d rather have a championship-caliber quarterback for the 2022 season. Have you seen the schedule? It’s brutal.