July 7, 2022

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From Bags to Riches

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Damian Strohmeyer/SI

It wasn’t that long ago that fans would bring brown paper bags with them to Bucs games. The Bag Heads are not my favorite thing in Buccaneers history. They are an unfortunate part of our team’s history and something that we can leave to the past — for now.

Bag Heads are nothing new; in fact, this was the attire for many fans over the span of three decades. Bucs fans have been doing this since the late ’70s.

Throughout the decades, the appearance of this cheap form of protest that we saw periodically. At one point in time, it was a staple of Bucs fans and widely utilized to express their disgust of the team’s performance or something the organization had done or wanted them to do. For many die-hard fans, this was a mockery to them and their fandom.

We haven’t seen any paper bags in quite some time. But there was a brief sporadic sighting between 2016-2019; however, once Tom Brady arrived, the bags went into the recycle bin. The Buccaneers signed the veteran quarterback Tom Brady and a handful of others to go along with a team that had been on the verge of greatness for years and won a historic Super Bowl during a historic season. The team continued on to complete the franchise’s best record of 13-4 and fell short of a second consecutive Super Bowl run by 3 points in the Divisional Playoffs, and Brady hung up his cleats and called it a career shortly after.

The Bucs have two dozen free agents to attend to and a question at quarterback, but this team’s core is still championship-caliber. Whatever may transpire during the offseason — hopefully, the paper bags stay in the trash bin and do not make a return to the scene. It sure was nice not to see bagheads in the stands for however long it may last.