June 5, 2023

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Colin Cowherd Comes Up With The Dumbest Possible Trade Scenario

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Colin Cowherd via vendettasportsmedia.com

There is a real possibility that the GOAT retires this offseason, so where does that leave the Buccaneers — with Gabbert and Trask?

I know some are under the impression that Bruce Arians said that he would be comfortable with either of those two, but we all know that is not the case. It can’t be, can it? The misconstruing of what Arians actually said has people questioning his mental health, and Rightfully so. Neither quarterback is proven, and only Gabbert has any real NFL experience; it’s really not all that great either. With Trask sitting on the bench the entire season; and having all of that time to develop behind Tom Brady, he could prove to be a nice replacement, but there are too many questions left unanswered with him. What Bruce Arians actually said was, “If the next quarterback is on the roster”, when Brady retires. Yeah, I know, semantics.

Firstly, Gabbert is a UFA right now, and Griffin is SFA (Street Free Agent). I’m sure Gabbert will be signed to another 1-year contract as Arians loves the guy, but Arians also said he would look behind door number 2. He doesn’t seem all that comfortable to me. It seems more like an ‘if we get stuck with him, I’ll be fine’ kind of thing. While keeping Gabbert around made sense, a Brady-style pocket passer is what this offense needs, he isn’t in the same talent pool as Brady. Trask was drafted for the same reasons, but for all his potential talent, he hasn’t the experience.

The current situation in the QB room has not only the fans talking, but this is also catching the attention of well-known talking heads.

Colin Cowherd channeled his inner Xavion Smith when he came up with an intriguing trade scenario involving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers. It’s one that many fans had already been clamoring about, with just some major hiccups and a departure from reality.

During the Colin Cowherd Podcast on FOX Sports, Cowherd said that he believes the Bucs and Packers should consider a blockbuster trade involving quarterback Aaron Rodgers, JPP, Mike Evans, and some first-round picks.

“Tom Brady retires in two weeks. Aaron Rodgers says, ‘I want out’ So Davante Adams is out. Aaron agrees to Tampa. Green Bay says, ‘I want Mike Evans. We’re not losing Davante and getting nobody in return.’ Tampa needs to cut money. The Packers get Mike Evans and JPP, which is about $30 million of salary, and two first-round picks.” 

Hi? Welcome back. I’m going to put a stop to this thing right here and right now. No [instert expletive of choice] way would the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade Mike Evans; that just isn’t happening, unless it’s expressly at the wishes of the veteran receiver. With the number of times, he’s restructured his contract to team-friendly deals, it suggests that he’s happy in Tampa.

The other potentially traded player is JPP. I like to think I have a decent grasp of how the NFL works, and to the best of my knowledge, there is a huge obstacle to involving Pierre-Paul in a trade to Green Bay; he is a UFA.

I can’t be sure what Cowherd was thinking with that, as players not with a team cannot be traded by that team. Can you imagine the Detroit Lions trading Odell Beckham Jr to the Patriots for Mac Jones?

This team has many issues to sort during the off-season. Issues; that include coaching staff, free agency, our own free agents, the draft, and apparently trading away unrestricted free agents. This team is going through changes, and you’d better believe that they’re putting a plan together for the spring, summer, and next season. Now isn’t the time for panic, as many moving parts are still in motion.

Meanwhile, talking heads will do what they do best, say things to make people watch, listen, and talk, but in all honesty, it sounds like Cowherd is trying to give Xavion Smith a run for his money.