September 27, 2023

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Part 2: Why All The Hate For AB?

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Antonio Brown (81) via

Well, here we are again, with Antonio Brown being the topic of discussion.

Since his abrupt departure during the third quarter of the Bucs games the Jets, fans have been critical of his actions. Many fans were calling for the former sixth-round pick to be immediately released, which the Bucs still have not done. Much of us are still wondering what really happened that made AB decide to walk out? Could Brown possibly be a walking CTE case?

Antonio Brown (81) AP Photo/Gerry Broome

Brown hasn’t been right for years.

Since Brown took that vicious hit from Bengals’ LB Vontaze Burfict in 2016, AB hasn’t been the same. Brown may have continued to produce on the field, but his off-field actions have been the talk of all media. Along with his Pro Bowl selections and leading the league in numerous categories, Brown began having issues with the coaching staff, which eventually led to the two parties parting ways, sending AB to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Within his first few months with the Raiders, Brown got into it with both head coach Jon Gruden and GM Mike Mayock. He was suspended from the team. Shortly thereafter, he was released from his contract with the Raiders. Being available to sign with any team, Tom Brady brought the dynamic receiver under his wing for a short stint with New England. Then an off-field issue had the receiver indefinitely suspended.

Following a year off the field, Brown was eventually signed by the Bucs and would play an instrumental part in the Bucs winning Super Bowl LV.

Antonio Brown |

Could Brown potentially be diagnosed with an early form of CTE? 

It’s been no secret that Brown has had a network television series worth of issues. When he was suspended after joining the Patriots in 2019, media outlets had a field day going after Brown and crucified the wideout for his actions. As his legal situations progressed, teams steered clear until the Bucs came calling last season and Bruce Arians, stating that Brown was going to be held on a short leash, and with that, Brown took flight in Tampa.

After his actions on Sunday, when he walked off during the third quarter of the game, many fans are pretty much demanding and calling for him to receive mental help. If the league truly wants to get in front of the AB debacle, they need to have Brown sent for a mental evaluation. The NFLPA needs to step in and intervene before Brown eventually becomes another Junior Seau or Vincent Jackson tragedy. Unfortunately, a CTE study can’t be done until prior to death. But they can do the evaluation for possible TBI (traumatic brain injury). One way or another, they need to get Brown help before they allow him to play another down in the league. If Josh Gordon has to pass a drug test for employment, Brown should be cleared psychologically.

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