September 27, 2023

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Next Question: Why All The Hate For AB?

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Antonio Brown (81) via

There is no secret that there is a love-hate relationship the media has when it comes to Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown.

The 11th year wideout has been the talk from media outlets from leading the league in catches, receptions, touchdowns, even recording 1,000 yards both in receiving and punt returns in the same season, but let’s also not forget his antics both on-and-off the field. From his days in Pittsburgh to his mini-stints with both the Las Vegas Raiders and New England Patriots: Brown has made headlines for different reasons.

But since joining the Bucs last season, Brown has been damn near a role model citizen. Head Coach Bruce Arians stated that when Brown joined the Bucs last season, “one problem, and he’s gone.” Well, and up until a few weeks ago, Brown has been doing all his talking on the field.¬†

After a media report suggested that Brown had obtained a fake vaccination card, the NFL then suspended Brown, along with safety Mike Edwards, three games, for lying about their vaccination statuses. Since then, it has been a field day for media outlets, many falsely predicting the Bucs to release Brown.

So why the hate for AB? Or could Brown be a victim of harassment by the media?

Coach Arians did state in a media conference a few weeks back that the Bucs do not plan on further punishment or releasing Brown. At that point, certain media journalists then questioned Arians on his stance just a year removed from his statements involving those consequences. Arians stood by his receiver, and it made many people question the media on their stance.

Could Brown potentially just be an easy victim for the media? Just an easy report, with a “told you so”¬†mentality? Does the media not want to see a player rebuild themself after certain incidents? Especially one that has done nothing more than just produce on the field and stay out of trouble off the field. It seems like the media just wants to continue to paint the same picture, just because they want an easy story aimed towards an easy target.

During this New Year’s, the media needs to make a resolution to start putting some respect on Brown’s name.

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