September 27, 2023

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Bucs Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards Suspended 3 Games For COVID-19 Violations

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Antonio Brown (81) via

The NFL has suspended Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown and S Mike Edwards, along with FA John Franklin III, for violations against the NFL-NFLPA COVID-19 protocols.

No other details have been released in regards to it, but the league has now shown that they are living by a double standard in this regard.

The league handed Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers a $14K fine a few weeks ago after he was found to have violated the same protocols. This just proves that the league does not have a regular set of standards in regards to these protocols. Some are even seeing this as a form of racism by the league.

If there is one thing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is good at, it’s having different standards for the league’s star athletes.