September 25, 2023

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers All-Purpose Yards Leaders.

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There is certainly a lot going on this season, and sometimes things get overlooked. For example, Mike Evans is dominating the Franchise Record books. We already know that he finished Week 12’s game vs. the Giants, owning the Franchise’s Career Touchdown crown once held by Mike Alstott. But if you did not know, Mike Evans currently holds the record for most career touchdowns scored in the franchise’s history by a non-quarterback, with 72. With that being said, here is a fun one that I’ve been keeping my eye on that most folks haven’t even noticed.

After diligently conducting my research and compiling my findings in a statistical and sequential order, I would like to present to you my top 10. No. Excuse me, I meant my Top 11 players found to be the Buccaneers All-Purpose yards Leaders. 

Disclaimer: I have funneled all of my findings from various locations but most of them that I will use come from Pro Football Reference. Before I post my list, allow me to divulge to you the meaning of All-Purpose Yards. There is no need for anyone to complain that a quarterback and accumulated passing yards are not listed. They are not listed because this is not for passing. All-Purpose Yards is a combination of Rushing, Receiving, and all forms of return yardage. Savvy? Good! Now let’s get to the list!

Benny Sokoloskis’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers All-Purpose Yards Leader

1. James Wilder: 9449 yards

2. Mike Evans: 8971 yards. (Needs 478 to tie the record)

3. Warrick Dunn: 7690 yards

4. Mike Alstott: 7372 yards

5. Doug Martin: 5724 yards

6. Michael Pittman: 5723 yards

7. Mark Carrier: 5018 yards 

8. Kevin House: 4969 yards

9. Carnell Williams: 4586 yards 

10. Chris Godwin: 4366 yards. (Needs 233 to pass Cadillac)

11. Vincent Jackson: 4329 yards (Added him to honor his memory) 

I hope you have enjoyed my list as much as I have enjoyed putting it together! I will certainly keep my eye on this and update it as it changes. I am sure you have seen my periodic posts and comments all over social media! Now it’s time to make them official! I will also keep everyone informed about other Buccaneers Franchise Records as they have a changing of the guard.