September 27, 2023

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My Two Doubloons – The Seeds we Sow

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Welcome back, and please accept my apologies for a technical snafu that prevented me from bringing last week’s opinions to you.

For those that are interested in playing with predictions, the ESPN playoff machine has been released for this season. Oh, the fun.

Normally I enjoy playing with this and seeing what possible outcomes my Machiavellian mind can conjure. This was no different as I schemed the Bucs into the number 1 seed.

Admittedly, this was after I went with a few hunches and gut feelings to see the Bucs claim the number 2 spot. Most of my predictions had us hosting a revenge game against the Washington Redacted. Those pesky tie-breakers.

It was during this I realized it didn’t matter. Sure having the number 1 seed is great, but to be Super Bowl Champions, you should be the best team, shy away from no challenge.

This team is a legit contender. Again, when it matters, this team is getting into its stride. With key players returning from injury, other teams are more than aware that the Buccaneers have the potential to get even better in the stretch. By the time that New Orleans comes to Tampa in week 15, the reigning Super Bowl Champions could likely have the division all but secured.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already walked into Lambeau and out again with the NFC Championship. If we’re scared to do it again, do we deserve to go back to back?

True champions are scared of nobody. It doesn’t matter if it’s seed 1, 2, or 3; believe this team can beat anyone, anywhere!

But that’s just my two doubloons.