May 16, 2022

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The Fournette Conundrum

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Leonard Fournette | Mark LoMoglio | Credit: AP

All angles.

The called fumble on Leonard Fournette in the Saints game Sunday really had an effect on the game. The big question: Did Fournette actually fumble the ball? I’ve watched the video from every direction numerous times. My conclusion without bias is that, in fact, it should have never been called a fumble. Fournette had to make an actual reception of the Brady-thrown ball before he could possibly fumble it, and in my opinion, he did not.

Video tells the tale.

Watch the video yourself. The ball hits Fournette in the hands, and as he attempts to bring the ball in and make a football move, the ball is knocked loose. He had not tucked the ball in and begun to advance. You can also count one, two, and the ball comes loose — just before two. The ball was never secured (NFL Rulebook) from what I observed from the video. Now, all of this means absolutely nothing other than the officiating crew got it wrong (surely won’t be the last time). Then again, the timing of everything is extremely close, and I can see how the crew may have seen it another way. For myself, the ball was never secured for long enough, nor was the football move made before the ball is knocked loose. The game is over, and it cannot be reversed. For the sake of conversation, though, this is the way I see it. Go Bucs!!