September 26, 2021

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Dak Prescott “a full go” for opener: We wouldn’t want it any other way

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Dak Prescott | Dallas Morning News | Tom Fox | Staff Photographer

Prescott’s cleared to play.

According to Jerry Jones, Dak Prescott is “good to go”  for the Cowboy’s 2021 NFL season opener against our World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s been rumored that Prescott could have played in the Cowboy’s last preseason game against Urban Meyer’s Jaguars but was held out in a precautionary move. We have been hearing Dallas described as America’s Team for many years. In factuality, Tampa qualifies more for that moniker than Dallas does — having won two Super Bowls since Dallas last won one.

America’s team?

Let’s face it; there are just some teams that inspire you to just whip the crap out of them when you get the chance — Teams like Pittsburgh, New England, and New Orleans. Outside of our division, the Cowboys probably top the list of teams we Bucs fans love to see get smashed up pretty good. We Bucs fans, though, have only had a few times to celebrate a win over Dallas. The Bucs have played Dallas a total of 19 times (two of those in the postseason). The Cowboys have won a large majority of those games with 15, versus just 4 wins for Tampa. Our last win, coming in the 2015 season, ended in a baseball score of 10-6.

Prime Time!

It’s been a very good while since we played them with so much talent on our side. We want them at full strength — no excuses and no escape. And so it goes that the Dallas Cowboys will be coming into a sold-out and raucous RayJay in prime-time. They would like nothing more than to come into our house and make the defending Super Bowl Champs look average on national television. They say their star quarterback is going to play, so is ours, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Go Bucs!!