September 26, 2021

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Could Cam Newton return to the NFC South?

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Cam Newton via

Recently released veteran quarterback Cam Newton shouldn’t have trouble finding a home soon, but one has to wonder if a return to the NFC South could be his next move.

The Buccaneers, Saints (although Taysom Hill is talking smack like he’s packing his bags and leaving), and Falcons all seem to be set with their respective starting quarterbacks; however, the Carolina Panthers, not so much. Sam Darnold is the starting quarterback, which is a far cry from perfect, and they only have one other passer on the roster, P.J. Walker — a former Indianapolis Colt (2017-2018 and XFL star passing leader in 2020). Seriously? Go, get Cam Newton back.

Rumors that the Dallas Cowboys are interested in Newton aren’t surprising as they just cut their backups and only have Cooper Rush behind Dak Prescott. Evidently, Prescott is good to go with no setbacks, but there is no guarantee he will go injury-free the entire season. Jerry Jones is content with Cooper Rush as the backup but, Jerry, are you in good hands with Cooper Rush? Oh, that’s right, you only have 4.4 million dollars in the bank. You may be able to afford Cam Newton, but cutting your nose off to spite your face isn’t something the Cowboys like to do. Oh, wait, never mind; y’all just gave someone 31 million dollars to sit out all of last season and then gave him 160 million dollars for 4 more years.

The Texans have an odd situation on their hands with DeShaun Watson, who is to remain a healthy scratch. Indefinitely. But Taylor can get the job done. Dave Mills isn’t terrible, but he’s a rookie, if Tyrod Taylor goes down, are you in good hands, Janice? You should just play Deshaun Watson and let Tyrod play backup or go after Cam. You can afford it. Yeah, probably not. You guys are not the brightest. Like your older brother, the Cowboys, you are paying someone double-digit millions and choosing not to play him.

Returning to the Panthers actually makes the most sense. The question would be, would the veteran quarterback like to return if he has to play back up to “Da Arnold”? Heck, it’s not like Sam Darnold is going to lead the Panthers to the promised land. Hell, after a few weeks, he may end up seeing ghosts again. Cam Newton is plug-and-play and the best option for the Carolina Panthers if their Sam Darnold experiment goes haywire. Oh, and they also have the money.