September 17, 2021

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Bucs to visit the White House on Tuesday

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Courtesy: The White House Press Corp

Ok, so the Super Bowl LV Champs get to do something very cool on Tuesday … visit the White House and the President.
It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation is … this is a very unique and prestigious event that signifies the greatness of championship teams.
I can still vividly remember how cool it was watching President Ronald Reagan throwing to Redskins Receiver Ricky Sanders on the White House lawn after Washington beat Denver in Super Bowl XXII.
Doesn’t matter who the President is … if he’s one party or another … this is a chance for players to meet the President. Not many people meet the President. It’s a distinguished honor, regardless of who is holding that office.
So, when you’re watching on Tuesday take it all in … the fact that the Bucs are actually defending Super Bowl Champions.
Don’t let your party affiliation get in the way of your fandom. Not every Championship Team gets a chance to visit the White House. The Super Bowl XXXVII Champion Bucs weren’t invited (apparently) to the White House after they won it in early 2003.
Presidents have long adored USA’s sports culture. They’ve attended big games, thrown out first pitches, and invited athletes to the White House after great sports achievements.
Players get to tell their grandkids that they met the President … a special honor to say the least!

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