September 17, 2021

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Warren Sapp: Devin White & Lavonte David Are Definitely The Best

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Warren Sapp ROH (2013) - via

Warren Sapp recently was a guest on the Are You Serious Sports Podcast and was asked about the current inside linebacker tandem of Lavonte David and Devin White. Are they the top duo in the league? Sapp, as is custom, ran with it and immediately had this to say about Devin White.

“If you can find me a faster middle linebacker anywhere on God’s green earth, please point him out,” Sapp pleaded. “Ray Lewis wasn’t even as fast as Devin White. Devin White is an animal, and he [and Lavonte David] are definitely the best [inside linebackers tandem].” – Per Are You Serious ports Podcast 

Sapp excitedly went on from there to say that Devin White is absolutely a top 5 linebacker And when Sapp and Derrick Brooks get together and talk about defining all-time greats in the NFL, Sapp explained, for them, it’s every bit about how many years you were a no-argument, top-5 player at your position in the NFL. Put enough top five seasons together per Sapp, and those are your chips to cash in when it comes to Hall Of Fame consideration. After White’s 2020 post-season play, there is no doubt White is a top 5 linebacker in this league.

David himself has had at least three to four top 5 seasons by most accounts and has incredible stats that help him to stand out against his peers in four different defensive schemes while playing his entire 9-year career in Tampa. A good portion of that playing in the shadow of Gerald McCoy. David has never really received the credit he deserves until now. It is a relief that better late than never has finally arrived. This coming season will make it the tandem’s third together, and it’s hard to imagine injuries notwithstanding that the pair wouldn’t get even better together.

If you can think of a better pair that exists in the NFL, you’re a fan of that team, and you have lost your grip on reality. Sapp mentioned the raw top-end speed of Devin White. I think there is one play in particular that showcases the speed that Sapp was speaking. It was in White’s 2019 rookie season at Seattle. The Seahawks running back Chris Carson breaks one-off up the middle for a 59 yard gain. Watch though, as White, who is caught up in the lines, pushes to open a hole, regains his footing, and takes off after Carson. Not only does he catch him, but he causes Carson to fumble the ball out of bounds, stopping the play.

2019 Seahawks – Devin White’s speed: A nice display of raw speed.

Lavonte David has been putting up impressive stats for years. Devin White has joined him and is doing the same. In my opinion, David will be a tweener and could go either way getting into Canton. Another Super-Bold under his belt would probably go a long way to getting him in. Devin White is a beast, and as long as injury doesn’t cripple him should be a first-ballot cinch to get into the Hall Of Fame, in my opinion. Let me not get too far ahead of things. The duo has a few more years together to make memories and their case for the Hall. Let’s enjoy it, shall we? Go Bucs!!