August 9, 2022

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O.J. is O.K. With Gronk!

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via Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The media and some fans are the ones making waves with Howard and Gronk. They assume that they both have egos and that there was an issue with the team getting another TE.

It wasn’t and never was a problem! As a matter of fact, it was just the opposite! Howard said that he was actually excited about being able to learn from him, not angry about the signing.

With Tom Brady and Gronkowski coming on board, it showed the already talented players on this team; how to have a winning attitude and that they were capable and ready to win a championship!

With the team’s depth at TE, it took some of the workload off of Howard, who was blocking on most of the plays during any given game.

I feel that the players proved this off-season, that this group is very UNSELFISH! They are willing to sacrifice “Self” for the betterment of the “Team!” If that seems weird, it’s because in today’s game — it is!

Well, all we can do is watch and cheer! As always, Go Bucs!