September 17, 2021

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Cameron Kinley has bigger goals than playing in the NFL

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via Us Navy

Undrafted Cornerback Cameron Kinley recently signed with the Buccaneers, but if he doesn’t make it in the NFL, I really think that’s Ok for him.

The Senior Class President at the Naval Academy was the Midshipmen’s Captain on the gridiron last season but never got a draft-day call from any NFL team.

In an ESPN interview on May 28, Kinley said that his ultimate goal is something you don’t hear from football players too often.

“The big goal at the end of my bucket list is to definitely become the President of the United States of America.”

First things first, he wants to play in the NFL and actually make the final Bucs squad.

Lofty goals, for sure, for this incoming rookie. As an undrafted signee, he has a tough road ahead of him.

There used to be a time way back when, when legendary QB Roger Staubach played for the Naval Academy, that you had to serve out your military time after graduation. He had to wait until he was “allowed” to play in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys.

These days, that military service rule is non-existent, and players can play in the NFL after graduating from their respective academies.

The Bucs defense is pretty set in stone… but don’t count out Kinley’s work ethic and mindset to make the final squad.

A military mindset is a great way to look at life and have goals and aspirations.

One thing is for sure; if he doesn’t make it in the NFL, you can bet on a hell of a political career—that’s for sure!

Who was the last Bucs player who had aspirations to become the President?? lol