September 17, 2021

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Kyle Trask : The story behind the story

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Image Credit: LUIS SANTANA | Times

Kyle Trask, The Gators Heisman Trophy Finalist in 2020 and The Buccaneers’ second-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, was born and raised deep in the heart of Texas. Both his parents graduated from Texas A&M, and he grew up an Aggies fan. As it turns out, Trask was actually named after Kyle Field, where the Aggies have played their home games since the early Nineteen Hundreds. 

“As far as I know, that’s what I was told. Mom and Dad were Aggies.”Kyle Trask to reporters the week leading up to the Gators VS Aggies game.

Trask had an older brother that played linebacker for the local high school team(Manvel High School). The football coach there Kirk Martin remembers the seventh-grader tagging along with his big brother to practices. He noticed the younger Trask had a football with him that he was tossing around, and he mentally filed that away to investigate at another time.

 “Kyle always had a football with him. He’s known forever that he was going to be a quarterback and be a dang good one. I’ve known Kyle was a stud for a long time.”  – Kirk Martin per Scott Carter, Senior writer for

“I was always around when he was in high school. When you are in middle school or junior high coming up to high school, you are so excited to be on a high school team” –Kyle Trask Stated per Scott Carter, Senior Writer for

In ten seasons at Manvel High School, Kirk Martin became known as a coach that could develop high school quarterbacks. During those years, his teams won 11 games 8 times. Eight of those quarterbacks went on to play the position in college, including The University of Houston, then University of Miami quarterback D’Eriq King. In 2013 Trask’s Sophomore year, nine players came out to play QB. One of them was King, who barely beat out Trask with his legs and was a perfect fit for Kirk Martin’s offensive scheme. Allowing Trask only a reduced number of plays in his high school career. At no time did Trask ever consider transferring to another school, even after his Dad suggested it. He went with his own belief in himself. Add to that the fact that he knew his coach would sell him to every recruiter who visited the school. He stuck with his local high school, expecting things to pan out there.

While never becoming the starter. Trask did throw for 1,700 yards and 17 touchdowns, but his most telling stat has become his calling card, zero interceptions, not one playing Varsity. Trask still looks back on how far he has come since former Gators offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier made a recruiting stop to a Manvel practice his senior season and kept asking questions about the #2. Why was Houston Baptist the only school that had offered him a scholarship? Why wasn’t he starting? Why hadn’t he transferred? Obviously, Coach Nussmeier got the right answers from Coach Martin, and an offer was made to Trask. The rest is Gator History and the Buccaneers Future. I know we are all excited to see how that turns out. In addition, Trask does have a pretty good arm, not a noodle, as many have suggested. He’s got all the tools to be successful. With Brady adding to that, the sky is the limit. Go Bucs!! Thank you, Jason Licht.