September 17, 2021

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Week #4 is a statement game

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Image Credit: Matt Ludtke | AP

Certain to be a media circus

As soon as the last seconds tick off the clock in Los Angeles, there will be a media blitz that will swirl around two individuals as both men have probably never seen. Those two men, of course, are Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The two of them together put together a run in the NFL that may never be equaled. It’s hard to fathom how stellar their time together was. The Patriots made the Super Bowl in almost half of the total years Brady played there. So it’s really no surprise when both men are regarded as the greatest of all time in what they do. Inevitably there is the argument out there as to who was more responsible for the Patriot’s success. Which man would have been more successful without the other? Personally, in my book, it’s Brady. That has nothing to do with him being a Buccaneer. The Patriots were not Belichick’s first Head Coaching gig. He spent five seasons in Cleveland, making the playoffs only once and finishing with an overall losing record of 36-44. While Brady was the starter in New England, the Patriots never had a losing season. Then Belichick decided it was time for Mr. Brady to move on, and that he did, leaving the team, which then went out and reeled in their first losing season (7-9) in 19-20 years. The team had gone 12-4 in Brady’s last season. Coincidence? Not sure, then consider Brady came to Tampa and won another Super Bowl in his first season here. Still a coincidence? I myself do not think so.

Political correctness?

You won’t hear any of that truth when both men answer questions about the matchup. Both men will be politically correct and respectful of the other, I’m sure. Both will downplay the importance and the statement that the winning side will make on that day. Throw all of that dancing around and politeness right into the garbage. It’s not real it’s a fabrication born of saying the right things. You have to believe that as competitive as Brady is, he’s chomping at the bit to hang a big fat L on his former coach, courtesy of the Brady-led killing machine. Let’s face it, Belichick blew it. He had the G.O.A.T. at quarterback, a man that took less money than he’s worth to make Belichick’s team better year after year. Belichick repaid that loyalty and team-first devotion by slinging him off the team bus without so much as a thank-you. Belichick had 20 years to see that Brady was not your average quarterback. Time to see that his game was not slipping as others did at his age. Certainly, one season with Cam Newton as your starter and a 7-9 record. While the guy you showed the door a won another Super Bowl ring would have been enough to prove to Belichick that he blew it. If not Brady, is coming to town to show you firsthand who was the driving force in their success.

Just rewards!

Make no mistake about it Week #4 is all about Tom Brady and the fans in Foxboro, who mostly still adore him. All about showing Bill Belichick who’s “The Man”. All about another game towards the quest of yet another ring and Lombardi Trophy to display at One Buc!!! A part of me says that the Patriots will play well for their coach and keep it close. The other side says that this game could get embarrassing for a man named Bill. And, wouldn’t that be fitting for a man who basically betrayed Tom Brady? Go Bucs!!

Just one more thing

I thought I would add that Bill Belichick also endeared himself to the Cleveland fans when he showed fan favorite Bernie Kosar the door when he coached there. Interestingly enough, Kosar also got a Super Bowl ring in Dallas as a backup the very next season. Hmmmmm, a pattern?