July 7, 2022

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Fournette and Rojo a 1-2 Punch

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via Bucpower.com

According to a statement made by Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians, Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones are going to be splitting carries this season. This should come as no surprise to Bucs fans.

Fournette and Jones have two different skill sets and complement each other very well. Fournette is more of the power back, while Jones is more of the speed and change of pace back, but Jones also has some power in his run game, and Fournette does have some breakaway speed in the open field. Sharing carries is going to increase both of their shelf lives, and hopefully, in turn, it will help both of them to stay healthy this season.

During this past season, statistically, Ronald Jones II had his best season as a Buccaneer. He’ll be playing for a second contract in 2021, so he’ll need to perform at a high level again.

Leonard Fournette needs to do a better job at staying healthy during the regular season. He was hurt a lot last year and didn’t really come on until the playoff run to winning the Super Bowl. Thank God for that because he was a critical part of the Bucs’ playoff success. After Fournette and Arians’ tough conversation last season, Fournette knows that he can’t talk about wanting more playing time. He’s over that. He’s having fun winning, as is the whole team. They are ready to run it back.