June 25, 2021

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Could Godwin be the odd man out?

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Godwin is a first-rate wide receiver in anyone’s book.

This isn’t a knock on Chris Godwin in any form or fashion. I think he is a terrific player and has given his all to our Bucs. The problem is that we have a good number of free agents that we need to retain in order to take another swing at next year’s Super Bowl. It comes right down to the business end of things, and salary cap matters. It also comes down to common sense and the amount of need placed on each free agent. In my opinion, we need all of the defensive players back. I’ve seen on Bucs Social Media many fans calling for keeping Chris Godwin over Shaq Barrett. I don’t know where that sentiment comes from, but All you have to do is ask yourself, who contributed more to our run to the title? Without a doubt, it’s Barrett with his 12 sacks on the season, four of them coming in the NFC Championship and Super Bowl, and three of them in that all-important game at Lambeau Field on the frozen tundra against Aaron RodgersGodwin’s numbers were not overwhelming by any means, though he did score 8 touchdowns and had 840 yards receiving while being out for a time with injury.

Supply and demand

This team is in no way, shape or, form in need of good wide receivers. We have them in Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson. As a matter of fact, I believe that Johnson will end up being a more dynamic player than Godwin. He has already dazzled us with a couple of circus catches already. I’m very excited to see Johnson claim a larger role in the offense. He’s really going to be something else, and the sooner the better. In Miller, we have a sure-handed speed demon, who always seems to make the play when needed. Also, let’s not forget Antonio Brown, who wants to come back next season. Supply and demand rule the day. As much as I’d like to see Godwin stay, he’s, in my opinion, the most obvious player to lose. It doesn’t make sense to give Godwin a huge contract here when his workload can be taken on by players still under contract. Now, can either of those two Bucs block as good as Godwin? That is the facet of Godwin’s game we may miss the most.

Odd man out

The rest of the offensive players whose contracts expire are too important to let go. So that’s my view on free agency. With Mike Evans offering to take less money to keep the team intact, I have no idea if we can afford to bring the rest back minus Godwin on a long term contract, or be able to franchice tag him as reported by Ian Rapoport.  But if there are one or more players to be the odd man out. It will start with Godwin, in my opinion. Go Bucs!!

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