May 9, 2021

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Who will be Super Bowl MVP?

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Plenty to choose from

It’s no secret the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are loaded with talent. In a Bucs win, who would stand out supreme amongst the stars? Would it be an obvious offensive player? Brady, Jones, Evans; who would you choose? Or might it be a defensive player? White, Suh, Pierre Paul, Davis there’s plenty to choose from. So, making a choice is almost like a lottery pick, a stab in the dark, if you will. My choice is no different. The most obvious choice is, of course, Tom Brady. How could it not be after playing in ten Super Bowls and winning six? Tom has taken home the MVP trophy in almost half of his appearances with four.

Not the most obvious choice

I’m not going to take the easy road with my selection. My choice may be considered the least likely of all the obvious choices. I’m going to choose a guy that hasn’t had huge games this season in scoring results. Although he has made his presence known in other ways, mostly blocking in the run and passing game. My choice is a player that Brady knows very well. A player that has been to battle more with Brady than any other Buccaneers’player; that player is, of course, tight end Rob Gronkowski. In a game that may come down to inches or one throw. I’m going to go with a player that is the most familiar to Brady than any other. With all of Tampa’s offensive weapons, Gronkowski may be a forgotten man in the minds of Chiefs players. Gronk could easily break free and catch the Chiefs slipping. So that’s my choice for MVP, Rob Gronkowski. He may be the last skill position player that most would think of in a Big game like this. That’s why he’s my choice. I’m betting the Chiefs don’t give him the respect he deserves. His demise has been greatly exaggerated, and I hope that is the key. So there it is. Who is your choice for the MVP trophy? Go Bucs!!

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