May 9, 2021

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Shaq Barrett looking to make a statement at Ray Jay Sunday

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Nothing but big results since signing with Tampa in 2019

I don’t have a press pass to get access to sack specialist Shaq Barrett. I don’t know a guy that knows a guy whose cousin knows Shaq’s dentist. I’m going to step out on a limb and guess that Barrett didn’t see Tom Brady or a Home Team Super Bowl appearance coming to the Bucs this soon when he signed his one-year-show-me deal last year. Oh sure, I’m sure that he was aware that we were an up and coming team and that our future was looking bright. Barrett came to the Bucs looking for a full time starting gig. A place to allow him to shine and show the league his talents were being wasted in Denver. Barrett was a player that I had done some research into before he arrived. I was impressed by watching his game film. When he signed with Tampa before the 2019 season, I was intrigued with the possibilities that could be if he got a real chance to play with the starting defense. So much so that I wrote an article before camp that season entitled “Just a reminder to fans, we got an ace in the hole!!!!!!!” Where I spoke about the fact, I viewed him as a special player that was going to do well in Tampa. Did I expect him to become the sack leader of the NFL in his first season in Tampa? No, of course not. I knew, though, that he was bringing talent that would help us out in a big way. I knew that most fans had not the slightest clue what he could add to our team, hence the title. So after leading the NFL in sacks last year with 19 1/2. The Bucs tagged Barrett for this season, effectively keeping within the fold for a second season.

What Barrett is saying, 

In the NFC Championship game, Barrett, as well as Jason Pierre-Paul, were a disruptive force. Sacking Aaron Rodgers a combined five times. Barrett shown brightest with three of the five. Barrett talks about the Super Bowl this Sunday and had this to say:

 “We’ve come too close to start out next year without a ring, and that finishing the season with that win is all that’s on his mind right now.”

“This is everything I dreamed as a kid to be on this stage, be in the role I’m in on the defense and the team;”Barrett said per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times –  “This is everything I could ever imagine, and I want to make sure I take full advantage of it. I don’t want any of these opportunities to go by.

Cementing his foreseeable future:

To follow up a substantial NFC Championship contribution with a standout Super Bowl performance would go a long way towards the attitude the team will show when it comes back around to contract negotiations in the off-season. It’s apparent that Shaq loves being in Tampa and would like to call it his home for the foreseeable future. His fortunes since signing the one-year-prove-it contract with the Bucs has been pure gold. It’s expected that the team will do all they can to retain his services. There are quite a few contracts coming up with the team in the next two seasons, and the Bucs can’t retain everyone. A memorable Super Bowl performance would go a long way in deciding the team’s direction for Barrett’s future address. I know we are all hoping for him to have a big game and cement his place for some time to come. Go Bucs!!

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