May 9, 2021

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Road Warriors come home to the spoils

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Sean Murphy-Bunting (23) celebrates after intercepting a pass intended for Green Bay Packers' Allen Lazard during the first half of the NFC championship NFL football game in Green Bay, Wis., Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021. (AP Photo/Matt Ludtke)

When Tom Brady was winning his first Super-Bowl, Pat Mahomes was just a six-year-old child. It’s not too often that a six-year-old gets to face a player he looked up to in the biggest game of any NFL Season when he was a tyke. Not only are the Bucs going to be the first home team for a Super-Bowl. They got there via the road. The Bucs become only the fifth team to win three games on the road en-route to the Big Game. As unlikely as it all is, the ducks all fell in line for our Favorite NFL Club. It’s truly a pinch yourself moment for the people of the Bay Area. When this adventure started in 2020, the results were somewhat mixed. Looking back to some of those earlier in the season events, It’s truly remarkable that the Bucs are where they are. Even for Tom Brady, this storyline is incredible. No Pre-Season camps, no OTA’s, no Mini Camp, no regular camp. There were some impromptus get-togethers at a high school field for Tom to throw to his new receivers. That was basically it! So to say that this was a team under construction on the fly is an understatement.

This team learned and became familiar with each other as the season moved along. The flashes of greatness glimpsed early on became more of a consistent factor after the team’s Bye-week. That is when the offense started to really gel. It was somewhat frustrating this season; as well as was last season, with the lack of dedication to giving the running game, especially Ronald Jones, more of a slice of the overall offensive pie. I’m aware that any team of Bruce Arians is going to be a pass dominated offense. Giving the run game more of a role could be accomplished without losing the passing team label. I must have heard Arians pay lip service to running the ball more at least four to five times over the last two seasons. Imagine my surprise when the running game took a step forward and remained throughout the playoff games. Against the Packers early on, the run found some success. As the game progressed, there were fewer yards to be had against the Pack Defense. Arians and Leftwich didn’t deviate from the run as in so many regular-season games, though. They kept punching and scrapping with the run, making play-action more of a real weapon in our massive playbook. Congrats to the coaches for not doing what came naturally, throwing the ball more. Even Tom Brady would have to admit that when you throw the ball more, your chances for mistakes increase. For example-those three turnovers in Greenbay.

In closing, the Bucs, to a certain degree, didn’t abandon the run as they did in some losses during the regular season. Even when the results in terms of yardage weren’t paying off, they still kept plugging away, maintaining the shadow of doubt needed to make play action a true weapon. In my opinion, the biggest moment of the game was the quick touchdown strike to Scotty Miller just before the half. Those points were the bit of cushion that the Bucs were able to lean on until the last few seconds ticked off. At that point, the lead was just five, but a solid five. Hats off to my team, our team, Tampa’s own Buccaneers. Go Bucs, defeat the Chiefs at home!!!

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