May 9, 2021

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The legs and not the arms decide this “Lambeau Duel”

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It’s not news that on Sunday, two of the very best quarterbacks to ever play the game will go at it. Hmmm, kind of like last week, actually, but not identical by any means. I respect Drew Brees. His accomplishments, I should say. Aaron Rodgers, though, is kind of a George Strait type, smoother than Mississippi Moonshine. He’s a lot like Brady in that he throws a very catchable ball, receiver friendly if you will. Had Rodgers ended up with Belichick as a rookie, and not Tom Brady, I believe he would have had a career very similar to Brady’s. For me, there have been many great quarterbacks. I consider Fran Tarkenton to have been a great one, Staubach, Warren Moon, and Steve Young, but there have been exceptional quarterbacks; Brees, Montana, Bradshaw, Favre, Elway. However, there are the Special ones, too: Marino, Manning, Unitas, Rodgers. And then there is Brady all alone at the top. These are my rankings, of course, and are just where I personally feel they line up. There can be arguments for most of those listed that they could be ranked higher or lower. It’s merely opinion.

For all of the talking – that has and will be done – about how otherworldly both quarterbacks are; how both can throw up 350-450 yards and three to five touchdowns in any game they play. *Their accolades and accomplishments; and on and on. For all that, in my opinion, the game will be won by the team that can run most effectively. It will be won by the legs of R.Jones, Fournette, or A. Jones and A Dillon. Don’t get me wrong, the Hall of Fame quarterbacks in this game will influence the game; how could they not? Both have the chance to take over a game.

The recipe for beating Green Bay will be the same as it was for beating New Orleans: Get to Brees, get the lick on him, put him on the ground. Make Rodgers force the ball out before he wants to.

Superlative quarterback play is a given in this one. The one who can get pressure and run the ball effectively wins this game, in my opinion. Bucs dig down deep for a 27-17 win with a late long run by Jones that puts it away. Both quarterbacks throw an INT in this one. Go Bucs!!!

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