September 17, 2021

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Not a Bad Season, No Matter What!

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Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle | USA TODAY Sports

I was pondering the past Buccaneers seasons. I went way back to my childhood and began thinking about how the team has been up and down the entire time since 1976.

This team is and has been special! (11-5) is the best we’ve been in a long time, and I, for one, am grateful!

I suffered through the (0-26); Believe me; when we win, I am very thankful!!

Sure I want a Super Bowl and will be disappointed if we don’t get one but man, it was a very tough year to pull off such a good record!

I know the big game is in our stadium, but this year is a stepping stone to next year! The team us coming together and it had to very quickly!

I’m not saying we won’t win, but living here in West Michigan and putting up with Lions fans (Bears and Packers, too) it was good to slobberknock them on their own turf!

My supervisor owes me a Monster and $10!

I’m a fan, win or lose and it’s tough to win it all, it really is! Hopefully, more fans will be happy no matter the result of this playoff appearance.

Bucs are (11-5) Really, how can we not be proud? Happy and thankful?

As always, Go Bucs!