September 26, 2021

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Playoffs? Playoffs!

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Image Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


Going into the final four games of the season with playoff hopes in sight, it was very easy to feel like I’ve felt before.

Seeing the buffet, smelling the buffet, but reaching for my wallet, and it’s not there!

This season is very, very different!

Yes, we beat a crappy Detroit team, but I don’t care! Every week each team plays a team that is on their schedule. No need to apologize for CRUSHING another NFL team.

I read that some in Detroit were crying about the Bucs running up the score. Note to the Lions, stop the offense!

Arians told the media that we will be playing all starters against the Falcons, trying to earn the top Wildcard spot!

So many people on social media being negative, complaining about anything. Why not just stop being negative and enjoy the run and cheer for the team?

We will take care of business in the game against the Falcons and claim our spot and hopefully make a run to the Super Bowl!

I believe that all of the early hype caused unrealistic expectations! Anyone who isn’t happy with the progress of this team doesn’t think in an entirely realistic mindset.

Being (10-5) at this point is fantastic! With all that had happened, I’d say that as we’ve gone through the ups and downs, we’ve grown as an organization and team!

Celebrate, enjoy the ride! It’s harder to win a Super Bowl than the average fan realizes.

PLAYOFFS AND BUCCANEERS in the same sentence!

As usual, Go Bucs