May 17, 2022

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Memories of the 2002 season came rushing back in my mind as the playoffs of the 2020 season unfolded.

First, it was the naysayers telling us that Washington was tougher than we think, “Their defensive front is too strong!”


Then we heard, “You can’t beat New Orleans at their home and Drew Brees!”


Then, of course, there was the League M.V.P: “You can’t beat Rodgers in Lambeau Field!


Then Vegas and all the experts had the Chiefs the favorites, leaving us as underdogs again.


I’ve waited all of these years for this Championship! Seeing the Buccaneers do it against all odds was really, well… SUPER!

DEFENSE wins Championships, but an overall team effort is spectacular! From the play on the field to coaches on the sidelines, it was a special night and season, that’s for sure!

How fitting for us to win it all in Raymond James Stadium too!?

Have you seen the movie “Draft Day?” The makers of that film NEED to make a movie called G.O.A.T starring Matt Damon as Tom Brady and Tom Brady as Matt Damon, have Jennifer Garner as Tom’s wife and Nathan Fillion (Castle T.V. show) as Jason Licht.

Start the movie with Brady leaving New England and going to Tampa and use all of the events of the season on and off the field to paint a picture of just how incredible this Super Bowl run was!

I hope someone makes this into a movie!

We, as Bucs fans, have always said, “Next year,” but this time, it is a bit different; isn’t it?

As always, Go Bucs! (Super Bowl Champions!)