March 1, 2021

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Brady vs. Brees – New NFC South Rivals 

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Image Credit: NFL on Instagram

Hang on! It is almost here!

It is almost time to drape yourselves in your best Bucs garb – the vintage orange or the new red or pewter. It is time to get your fantasy team solidified, and time to get the BBQ ready, the beer, the snacks, the recliner – that’s what Bucs fans are doing to get ready for the 2020 NFL season.

In this super-weird time to be a sports fan, being fans at home is it for now. But, hopefully soon, fans will be able to attend games. How many fans attending and who will get to go are still mysteries.

In the broad scope of Bucs history, since the team’s inception on our great nation’s bicentennial in 1976, this may be the most anticipated season of all, and it is no surprise as to why.

Tom Brady, who some say may be the greatest QB ever and has 6 Super Bowl Titles, is now on our team. Not to mention that Super Bowl LIV will be played in Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium for the first time since it hosted the world’s most spectacular sporting event after the 2008 NFL season.

I still will not believe Brady is a Buccaneer until I see it, and we are going to be seeing it on Sunday as our Bucs travel to the Superdome for a stellar NFC South Division rivalry game against the Saints in the Big Easy.

Personally, I really just cannot wait to see arguably two of the greatest QBs in NFL history, in Brady and Drew Brees, battle on the same field – add to it a new rivalry for those two QBs going head-to-head.

The two future Hall of Famers are tops on most QB Career NFL Record Lists, and one of them is Career TD Passes.

Going into Sunday’s game, Brees has 547 TD passes to Brady’s 541. Peyton Manning is third on that list with 539, then Brett Favre (508), and Dan Marino (420). Philip Rivers is the next active QB with 397 TD tosses. The second main QB record is most passing yards completed. Brees has 77,416 to Brady’s 74,571.

It should be fun to watch Brady and Brees go back-n-forth on these lists as the season progresses.

Regardless of whether or not the Bucs win or lose on Sunday, just remember that this is a “not-so-ordinary” NFL season. There is no bubble system like in the NBA and NHL, and it is not a shortened season like in Major League Baseball. However, the teams who can stay the healthier will be the best competitors, even though several NFL players have opted out of playing in 2020.

No Buccaneer wants to be the guy who got COVID-19 and passed it onto his teammates. Could you imagine how disappointed Tom Brady would be?? We cannot upset Mr. Brady, folks!

In this super-weird time for all of us, I am just happy for kick-off to finally come this Sunday! Watching Brady and Brees go at it! It does not get any better as NFL fans!

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